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APR 10, 2014
DRIFTER/ROMA RALLY (wt) is selected for DOK.incubator
DOK.incubator is a unique documentary workshop in Europe, that supports films in the rough cut stage, in order to emphasise their international potential and help them to break into the market. It is a six-month long individual mentorship based on three residential workshops.

AUG 22, 2013
DRIFTER/ROMA RALLY (wt) is winner of the Work in Progress Participation and Digital Cube Post Production Award
DOCU Rough Cut Boutique Awards were presented today, 'Drifter/Roma Rally' winning the Work in Progress Digital Cube Award. This means in kind services for post production and participation at the CineLink Work in Progress sessions at the 'SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL 2013'.

AUG 1, 2013
DRIFTER/ROMA RALLY (wt) and director Gábor Hörcher are selected for DOCU Rough Cut Boutique
DOCU Rough Cut Boutique offers the opportunity to meet and work with highly esteemed film professionals and aims to strengthen film projects by working intensively on the narrative structure in the post production stage of a documentary project at the 'SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL 2013'.

JAN 10, 2012
ROMA RALLY is selected for Doc Launch Presentation

Project 'Roma Rally' has been selected for the annual Doc Launch Presentation during the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague.
The Doc Launch Presentation introduces 9 handpicked feature-length rough cuts from Central and Eastern Europe. Festival programmers, distributors, sales agents, members of the press and audiences get the first glimpse of the most outstanding films in post-production slated for theatrical release over the next year.

APR 13, 2011
ROMA RALLY wins the Robert Bosch Co-Production Prize 2011
Our feature documentary 'Roma Rally' won the Co-Production Prize after the team of Gábor Hörcher (director) and Marieke Bittner (German co-producer) convinced the jury with their pitch at the goEast Film Festival 2011.

Jury's statement: But dreaming of a future that is not easy to reach is something that applies especially for a young generation. Even though their background, their perspectives and their sight might not make it seem very likely, the main protagonists of the winning film are destined to make things work because they have nothing else left to hope for. In an adventurous and humorous way, the director wants to tell us a universal story of people who want to win - and they need to win as fast as possible.
Jurymembers 2011: Doris Hepp (arte), Stefan Kitanov (firector of the Sofia Film Festival), Matthijs Wouter Knol (director of Berlinale Talent Campus), Christine Kopf (director of TV-Crime-Stories-Festival), Mait Laas (animation director), Mirsad Purivatra (director Sarajevo Film Festival), Ada Salomon (producer)

FEB 11, 2011
'Roma Rally' was selected to participate in the Hungarian training of the EURODOC programe. The team of two directors will have seminars with Martichka Bozhilova Bulgarian producer.

JAN 10, 2011
The short film 'Forest' co-produced by KraatsFilm was invited into the official competition of the Berlinale Film Festival.

NOV 20, 2010
During a pitching session in the Sarajevo Film Festival we met Marieke Bittner and the Weydemann Bros. Production Company who became the German co-producers of the film 'Roma Rally'. Together we applied to the Robert Bosch Fund who shortlisted our project, we are among the five teams who are nominated for their Coproduction Prize.

MAY 31, 2010
The one-minute public service announcement 'Served Cold' directed by Gábor Hörcher and produced by KraatsFilm won the first prize of the international short film competition titled '20 Years of Freedom?!' in Bratislava.